Dropping Prices for Biomass Make Good Partnerships Important for Farmers

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

If you're a hemp farmer, it is likely that you're pulling at least some of your hair out after watching the value of your bounty plummet over the last few months. The enormous amount of hemp grown has created a logjam for farmers wishing to get their CBD processed and/or sold and it wouldn't be ludicrous to at least be considering throwing in the towel at this point. However, the prices are still very high compared to most other cash-crops, and there is still a good living to be made but the cost can be overwhelming, especially if there is no guaranteed outlet for your crops. This is where partnerships can come in to play. There are many brokers out there who claim they'll sell your crops. They're unnecessary middle-men taking advantage of the timing of this industry and a large cut of the profit. Farmers who wish to stay in the industry long-term may wish to partner with reputable processing companies, already in the industry, like Bristol Extracts, in Bristol NY. Partnerships allow the farmer to be guaranteed fair pay for their efforts, still much higher than most other cash crops, while also receiving help with the cost. They become a part of a team, all focused on quality, and success through quality. For more information on this, contact Bristol Extracts at 917-743-5534.

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