Quality with a Conscience

Bristol Extracts is an industrial cannabis venture founded, formed, and located in the unspoiled fields and vibrant wooded hills blanketing the Finger Lakes region of Western New York.
Bristol Extracts is a farm and cGMP Certified extraction facility that produces the very finest CBD and other cannabinoid extracts available all while placing sustainability in the heart of all practices.
From the development of our genetically exceptional seeds to the cultivation of our consistently voluminous crops to the precise procedures with which we run our extraction facility; the Earth’s environment is taken into great consideration. 
It’s important to us to supply our customers with impact-free, high-quality extracts that we can all feel good about.



Once Upon a Time

Bristol Extracts was formed when Juan Guevara, owner of the restaurant Rio Tomatlan, an authentic, gourmet Mexican Restaurant using locally sourced fresh ingredients in Canandaigua, NY, approached his friend and attorney, Eric Blazak, who was running a company called Talk Mediation with offices throughout the Rochester and Buffalo areas.   His idea was simple.  He wanted to grow CBD, a substance he believes in as a true alternative to the dangerous pharmaceuticals and opioids that have plagued cities across America.  Eric was all ears.  The two teamed up with David Jones, an experienced farmer, hemp and otherwise, of Jone Z Farms and started Bristol extracts.  Within a few months, calling on lots of favors from lots of friends in their small community, they had 30 acres in the ground, a rock-solid Board of Directors, and state of the art, fully sustainable geothermal factory that would become their home.  Now, Bristol Extracts provides top-quality CBD isolates, oils, and genetics available to enterprise retailers, product developers, and farmers, ensuring that millions of consumers are in-turn provided with the best benefits of the cannabinoids they are purchasing.



Organically Grown, Ecologically Responsible, Genetically Sound

Our Bristol Extracts farms, each located in the beautiful and renowned farmlands of the Finger Lakes, all practice the same organic farming and feeding techniques, which benefit both our plants and the rich soils in which they're growing.  We use only the purist fertilizers and microbes, under the watchful eye of our experienced farmers, to grow the most genetically sound, and medicinally beneficial plants possible, which provides our extractors with CBD of incredible quality.



Every Bristol Extracts Farmer uses the same genetics, foods and practices as one another, coupled with a passion for growing the highest quality industrial hemp.  Our farmers pull from generations of experience to collaborate with one another to constantly improve our processes, and our product quality.


Our farms are all comprised of rich soiled farmland, free of heavy metals, chemicals, and harmful insecticides.  Our locations share a climate that mixes sun and rain in near-perfect harmony.  Our temperatures rarely get into the 90s, throughout the summer and stay above freezing late into the fall, allowing the plants to mature over a nice long season.


At Bristol Extracts, all of our crops are cared for by our select partner farmers.  They grow organically with natural foods and fertilizers added to the root systems through an irrigation network which allows the plants to grow to their fullest potential.  Our bio-degradable corn-plastic mulch keeps the roots warm and the weeds at bay without leaving a trace of toxicity.  All of our farmers share in the goal to leave the land replenished with nitrates allowing future crops to flourish.  Our fields are hand-picked at harvest, where we select only the most ripe plants on each day.



Production and Conservation

Our 19,000 square foot, cGMP Certified extraction facility is built on 30 acres of natural and protected wetlands in the Bristol Hills between Canandaigua and Honeoye Lakes.  The building is made to conserve energy with geothermal heating and cooling throughout, rainwater collection systems, green roofs, and a zoned area for a solar park.   Inside our walls, we conduct research and optimize the genetics of certain phenotypes of cannabis which we know grow well in Western New York, for the highest CBD percentage per pound.  Our research and development results in the seeds that we use on our crops each spring.  We also have our crop-drying systems, stripping machines, and industrial grinders in the facility, allowing us to go from the field to the lab, under constant quality control.   Our Extraction Lab by Eden Labs is also on the premises.


Superior Genetics

After finding enormous inconsistencies in the plants on our farm,  born from seeds we purchased from "reputable seed retailers", we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our growers have worked tirelessly and with great care to introduce what we believe to be close to perfect phenotypes of each strain we have bred.  Each strain we work with was chosen because of their  genetic abilities to flourish in Western New York.  These proven genetics will allow us and other farmers in New York and around the nation, to feel fully confident in the plants they'll grow after planting our seeds! 



An Eden Lab

Bristol Extracts has partnered with Eden Labs to bring the Coldfinger™ Ethanol Extraction system to Bristol.  Coldfinger™ extraction systems are the most versatile and trusted commercial ethanol extractors in the world enabling herbal extraction with cold ethanol and solvent recovery.  Our system is capable of processing thousands of pounds of dry biomass into potent, silky, full-spectrum crude, each calendar day.  The system is fast, its clean, and scalable.  Whether extracting whole plants or compounds such as terpenes, Coldfinger™ leads the way for Bristol Extracts.