Bristol Genetics

Consistency is in our genes.


At Bristol Extracts, our growers have worked diligently to create the most consistent feminized seeds available on the market.   We have tested and retested the consistencty of the plant size, color, and COAs for all of our varieties and guarantee thae results.  We specialize in genotypes that will flourish in the Northeast.  They are bred to flower early, are resistant to mold, are very high in CBD and well below .3 mg/g in THC.   We don't have 30 different varieties because we focus on only the top three standard CBD strains, the three hybrids, and the top two Auto-Flower strains for our region, the, all together,  seven strains we feel will bring farmers the most success.  We will be taking pre-orders on February 15th, after our next set of COA's are complete.  

For all Seed Sales of more than 5,000, Contact:

Tom Jacob:  (800) 603-0913 ext. 800